Capturing the Pulse of Passion: VISSIA’s “Live, With Pleasure”

Capturing the Pulse of Passion: VISSIA's "Live, With Pleasure" - Press Image

Unleashing the energy of a mesmerizing onstage performance directly to your ears.

There is something magical about capturing the raw essence of a live performance, where the grit of guitar strings and the soul of spontaneous vocal quips coalesce into an unforgettable auditory narrative. VISSIA’s latest live album, “Live, With Pleasure,” immerses listeners in just such an experience, filled with the echoes of her 2021 cross-Canada tour. Available worldwide since May 10, 2024, this release from Hurry Hard Records does more than just rehash studio tracks; it revitalizes them with the thrilling unpredictability of the live stage.

The album showcases a vibrant collection of songs performed under the lights and pressures of live entertainment, articulating an electrifying journey not just through musical realms but through human emotions and interactions that only live music can facilitate. The focus track “Never Gonna Be the Same,” particularly epitomizes VISSIA’s dynamism and experimental courage, delivering an alternative pop experience that resonates with bold intimacy and infectious energy.

The creative process behind “Live, With Pleasure” was an escapade in itself, involving relentless touring schedules and a passionate production team, overseen by Nich Davies in a duel role as producer and mixing engineer. The digital album is ingeniously mixed in both Dolby Atmos and Stereo, ensuring that every listener, regardless of their sound system, can experience the engulfing atmosphere of VISSIA’s live shows.

Adding depth to this aural adventure is the concert documentary that accompanies the live album. It offers a behind-the-scenes voyage into VISSIA’s tour life, revealing her profound connection to her music and her fans. Art pieces like “Walk Me Home” and “Never Gonna Be the Same” aren’t merely performed; they are felt and transferred energetically to the audience, which “Live, With Pleasure” captures impeccably.

As VISSIA belts out the empowering lyrics of “Never Gonna Be the Same,” — where lyrical references to enduring change and personal revolutions blend seamlessly with energetic riffs — it becomes clear that this track, and indeed this album, is a celebration of both the ephemeral nature of live performance and the enduring impact of genuine musical passion.

“Live, With Pleasure” isn’t only a testament to VISSIA’s versatility and commanding vocal prowess but also a showcase of her ability to sculpt an immersive soundscape that transforms each venue into a shared emotional space. Every pressing of play resurrects the thrill of the live experience, inviting listeners into a space where music and heart collide, and nothing ever stays the same. This album ensures that whether you’re a long-time fan or a new listener, the mutual energy of VISSIA’s live experience is just a play button away.

Unleash the raw essence of live music with VISSIA’s “Live, With Pleasure”. Experience the electrifying journey of her cross-Canada tour, revitalizing studio tracks and celebrating musical passion. Available worldwide May 10, 2024.

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