Rebecca Lappa Unveils Enchanting Single “Underneath Me”

> Edmonton musician showcases her versatility with a heartful new release.

Rebecca Lappa, the enthralling Canadian singer-songwriter known for her heartfelt lyrics and soulful voice, is back with a mesmerizing new single, “Underneath Me.” Set for release on June 14th, this ethereal pop track promises to captivate listeners worldwide.

“Underneath Me” is a poignant ode to longing and desire. With lyrics like “I need you to come home now / Running with my arms out / We’ve spent way too long just making love over the phone now,” Rebecca paints a vivid picture of love separated by distance. Her emotive vocals are amplified by a minimalist yet powerful background of synths and drums, creating an immersive atmosphere that resonates deeply with anyone who has ever felt the ache of missing someone.

Rebecca says, “I wrote ‘Underneath Me’ about missing someone who is far away, wanting to feel their touch, and longing for the separation to be over.” This personal touch adds an intimate layer to the already deeply affecting narrative.

Born in San Francisco and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Rebecca Lappa has been making music since childhood. She cites a pivotal moment in her career when she watched Taylor Swift open for Brad Paisley, thinking, “That’s like me. I want to do that.” This determination has led her to an impressive career, including five nominations at the Canadian Folk Music Awards and a win for Young Performer of the Year in 2015. She has also been recognized at the Edmonton Music Awards, where she won Singer-Songwriter Recording of the Year in 2019.

Her previous releases, such as 2016’s “Reckless Heart” and 2019’s “Unfiltered EP,” have showcased her evolving sound, but it was last year’s “Tales of a Taurus EP” that marked a noticeable shift. Leaning into indie-pop territory, tracks like “Forecast” and “Blue Lips” received glowing reviews from notable publications like Atwood Magazine and Beats Per Minute.

The music video for “Underneath Me” complements the song’s theme beautifully. Set against a rustic autumnal landscape, the visual captures the feeling of isolation and yearning as Rebecca whiles away the hours, waiting for a reunion with her distant love.

Rebecca’s seamless blend of genre and emotion is no accident. With a strong folk foundation, she skillfully transitions into pop and indie realms, reminiscent of the versatility seen in artists like Liz Phair and Debbie Harry. Her ability to maintain authenticity while exploring new musical landscapes is truly remarkable.

“Underneath Me” is not just a song; it’s an experience—a tale of love, longing, and the human condition wrapped in beautiful melody and exquisite storytelling. It’s yet another testament to Rebecca Lappa’s evolving artistry and her unyielding dedication to her craft.

Rebecca Lappa’s upcoming single “Underneath Me” is an ethereal pop ode to love and longing, distinguished by emotive vocals and minimalist synths. Set against a rustic landscape in the music video, it showcases her versatile artistry.

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