Rebecca Lappa: Navigating Deep Waters with Resilient Spirit and Pop Sensibility

In the vast landscape of contemporary music, Rebecca Lappa stands as a testament to the power of vocal prowess and emotive songwriting. Born in San Francisco and raised in the musical incubator of Edmonton, Alberta, Lappa’s journey is one of exploration, perseverance, and self-discovery. Returning to the scene with her compelling single “Deep Water” after her 2023 EP “Tales of a Taurus,” she delves deep into her personal narrative, transforming a harrowing “Me Too” experience and a story of a toxic relationship into an anthem of strength and liberation.

Produced by the talented Louise Burns (Lillix) and mixed by Juno Award winner Chris Perry (Softcult), “Deep Water” is a hauntingly beautiful composition that marries Lappa’s indie-pop sensibilities with an anthemic chorus, showcasing her ability to navigate the complexities of genre with grace and authenticity. The track revels in a sonic landscape where the echoes of Sia, Adele, and Avril Lavigne converge, creating a powerful testament to Rebecca’s versatility as an artist.

Reflecting the depth of her narrative, Rebecca states, “Deep Water is about my ‘Me Too’ experience with an abusive partner. The water is a metaphor for the feeling of drowning that comes with abuse. This story is about finding the strength and courage to escape and leave.” This emotive confession serves as the core of “Deep Water,” encapsulating the struggle and eventual triumph over circumstances that seek to diminish one’s spirit.

From her formative years, Rebecca has been a luminary in the musical realm, weaving her experiences and observations into songs that resonate with authenticity and raw emotion. Inspired by a performance of Taylor Swift, Rebecca saw a reflection of her aspirations, igniting a passion that would lead her to accolades such as winning Young Performer of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2015 and Singer-Songwriter Recording of the Year at the Edmonton Music Awards.

“Deep Water” marks a continuation of Rebecca’s evolution as an artist. With previous releases like “Reckless Heart,” “Spirit EP,” and “Unfiltered EP,” she has consistently showcased her ability to adapt and flourish across various musical territories. Her pivot to indie-pop territory with “Tales of a Taurus” received acclaim for its dreamy, ethereal tracks, laying the groundwork for the powerful narrative and stylistic exploration of “Deep Water.”

Beyond the studio, Rebecca is poised to bring “Deep Water” and her rich discography to life on stage, supporting Abigail Lapell on Canadian tour dates this April. Her performances are not just concerts; they are an invitation into her world, where every lyric and note is infused with her journey and her truth.

Praised by outlets such as Beats Per Minute, Atwood Magazine, and The Line of Best Fit for her beautiful vocals, strong power-pop production, and the ability to pack punch after punch, Rebecca Lappa is more than a singer-songwriter; she is a beacon of resilience and a voice for those navigating their “Deep Water.” As she continues to evolve and break new ground, Rebecca Lappa remains an artist to watch, a soulful storyteller whose music transcends the depths, turning turmoil into triumph.

Rebecca Lappa’s single “Deep Water” channels her personal struggles into an anthem of strength. With influences from Sia, Adele, and Avril Lavigne, she showcases her versatile indie-pop style, captivating audiences with her emotive storytelling.

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