Ten Minute Detour Unveil Dynamic New Single “Over Under”

Ten Minute Detour Unveil Dynamic New Single "Over Under" - Press Image

Toronto’s Indie Rock Titans Chronicle Emotional Evolutions in Their Latest Release

Ontario-based indie rock outfit Ten Minute Detour returns with “Over Under,” a compelling new single set to hit streaming platforms on May 31st, 2024. This latest release signposts an invigorating new chapter in their musical journey, encapsulated in both auditory and visual formats, with an accompanying music video dropping on June 7th, 2024.

“Over Under” stands out as a quintessential track that captures Ten Minute Detour’s raw, live energy while infusing it with a polished, grainy warmth. Band members Andrew Shier, Jordan MacNeil, and Kaol Porter deliver a layered soundscape that mirrors the intense live recording sessions at Montreal’s esteemed MixArt Studio. As the band describes, “These songs are definitely meant to capture our live energy as a band. We’ve always been partial to warm, grainy tones, so recording at an analog studio like MixArt really helped capture that sound.”

Delving into the essence of “Over Under,” the lyrics explore themes of change, stagnation, and emotional growth—resonating in verses like “Taking me over, and pulling me under.” The track is a culmination of the collective introspection and resilience sculpted by the trials of the pandemic, adding a poignant touch to its indie rock backbone. “The pandemic surely played a part in sculpting these thematic ideas; Over Under has evolved over years, encapsulating fatigue and the courage to move forward,” the band reflects.

Produced by Marcus Paquin, known for his meticulous and evocative production style, “Over Under” was captured in a high-energy, three-day session, supplemented with remote overdubs to achieve its signature sound. The collaboration between Paquin and João Carvalho for mixing and mastering ensures a production quality that stands out in today’s music landscape.

The release also marks a significant structural shift for Ten Minute Detour, as the band has streamlined from a five-piece ensemble to a core trio, embracing a new creative direction while retaining their signature sound. “It’s a new approach for us, but we think it will lead to a lot more creative opportunities in the studio and live. Change is a necessary tool for growth, and we couldn’t be more excited about the next era for TMD,” they share with anticipation.

To support their latest single, Ten Minute Detour is set for a series of live performances across Ontario and Quebec, including headline slots at major festivals like NXNE and Festivale d’ete de Quebec. This tour promises to deliver the electrifying experience that is the hallmark of Ten Minute Detour’s live shows.

With “Over Under,” Ten Minute Detour continues their upward trajectory in the indie rock scene, delivering a track that is as emotionally resonant as it is sonically ambitious. This single is more than just new music; it’s a testament to their artistic resilience and adaptability, poised to leave a lasting impact on listeners and cement their place in the annals of indie rock.

Catch Ten Minute Detour on tour:

June 13 – Toronto (NXNE) @ Handlebar –

June 14 – Cambridge, ON @ Farm League Brewing

June 15 – Hamilton, ON @ Mills Hardware

July 10 – Quebec City, QC @ Festivale d’ete de Quebec (FEQ)

July 11 – Montreal, QC @ L’Escogriffe Bar Spectacle

Dive into “Over Under,” and join Ten Minute Detour on this exhilarating new leg of their musical voyage.

Ten Minute Detour’s new single “Over Under” captures their raw, live energy with themes of change and growth, marking an invigorating chapter in their journey. The track drops May 31st, 2024, with an evocative video to follow.

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